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The following is a list of members of the Virginia Beach Golf League.  Please keep them in mind if you need to utilize their service.
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ProfessionMember NameCompany NameBusiness DescriptionContact NumberE-mail Address
ProfessionMember NameCompany NameBusiness DescriptionContact NumberE-mail Address
CPA Andrew T. Martin Corbin & Company, P.C. CPAs and Advisors 757-436-4577 
CPA Jamie A. Eckard Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C. CPAs and Advisors 757-664-3460 
CPA Steven E. Sandoval Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C. CPAs and Advisors 757-533-4145 
CPA Sarah E. Shearman Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C. CPAs and Advisors 757-533-4154 
Attorney Peter V. Chiusano Christie, Kantor, Grifiin, Smith, Shepherd & Chiusano Family Law 757-499-9222 
Attorney David M. Bastiaans Wolcott Rivers Gates Business, Estate Planning and Real Estate Law 757-554-0242 
Bank and Mortgage Sam Meekins, III Monarch Mortgage Residential Mortgage Lending 757-286-6225 
Printing Bryan C. Agnello Minuteman Press Printing Services 757-285-5956 
Computer Brian Briesemeister IBM Global Business Services ERP Technology & Architecture 757-754-0757 
Non Profit Fred Kovner YWCA of SHR Women's Shelter 757-647-9319 
Financial Planning and Life Insurance Robert Abbate, FIC Knights of Columbus Life Insurance and Retirement Planning 757-495-1492 
Financial Planning and Life Insurance Lonnie J. Broussard, CFP, CDFA Financial Designs of VA Collaborative Divorce Financial Specialists, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management 757-473-9022 
Financial Planning and Life Insurance E. Hough Johnson, III Hough Johnson Financial Advisor 757-493-4367 
Wholesale Plumbing Michael Bernier Tidewater Valve & Fitting, Inc. Wholesale Plumbing and Industrial Supply 757-536-3676 
Landscaping Robert B. Brown All Seasons Grounds Management, Inc. Commercial Landscape Contractor 757-461-4737 
Wholesale HVAC Steve Hamlin Johnstone Supply Wholesale Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment and Supply 757-499-6600 
Home Inspection Robbie Hunger Hunger's Home Inspections LLC Certified Home Inspector 757-464-1123 
Engineer Kenneth E. Rodman, Jr., P.E. Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Transportation, Land Development, Environmental Services 757-490-0132 
Military Rick Armstrong US Navy  757-752-0542 
Military Chris Bilello US JFCOM  757-836-6427 
Engineer Kevin Cloe, P.E. Department of Navy - NAVFAC Atlantic Environmental Engineering 757-322-4736 
Military Greg Fick Tekla Research, Inc. Defense Contractor 757-374-1739 
Military Steve Gulakowski Prevailance, Inc. Defense Contractor 757-880-4462 
Military Daniel R. Hood Navy FAcilities Engineering Command Atlantic Environmental Engineer 757-679-5028 
Dentist Ray Kuhel Retired Navy Anything he wants 757-646-4592 
Military Michael Leschinsky Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force US Navy  757-282-5546 x3262 
Military Sean P. Patak US Marine Corp  757-836-6103 
Naval Architect/Engineer Spencer Collins Department of Defense/Norfolk Naval Shipyard Naval Shipyard 910-638-3079 / 
Engineer Gary St. John, P.E. CDM Smith Environmental Engineering & Consulting 757-597-2624 
HVAC Contractor Frank N. Graves, III Innovative Solutions & Systems Commercial HVAC Service 757-618-1654  
Financial Planner Xerxes Nabong Virginia Financial Planning Financial planning and insurance products 757-822-8397 
Teacher Terry Gowin Retired, Bayside High School Bird Watcher 757-464-5859 
Leasing Joe Thatcher CSC Leasing Company Leasing of business equipment 757-422-4220 
Entrepreneur  Ukun Steve Park CMA Cafe Cafe/Restaurant (804) 497-0573 
 DeAndre Beaufort   850-637-4052 
Engineer Robert J. Martz Hampton Roads Sanitation District Hydraulic Analysis Manager 757-635-2856 
LFA Planner Robert Hamlin Mid Atlantic RPG  757-777-3132 
Financial Planning John Piscitelli Davenport & Company Investment Management 757-306-4804 
Showing 38 items