Golfer Signups

The below list IS NOT intended to be a PAIRING SHEET. The golfers signed up for the 18 HOLE outing on Friday, November 2, 2019 at Heron Ridge Golf Course in Virginia Beach, Virginia is listed below.  All foursomes will go out in random order based upon when the teams are ready to go.  Please plan on being there by 10:30 am ready to go. The number in parenthesis after your name are the preliminary number of points you need to cover for a NINE HOLE stableford match.  There will be closest to the pins on all par 3s.  Cost for prizes and beverages is $10 per golfer.

Points for the stableford are: Double Bogey = 0 / Bogey = 1 / Par = 2 / Birdie =3 / Eagle =5.

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Golfer 1Signed upGolfer 1 PointsClub Champion Eligible
Golfer 1Signed upGolfer 1 PointsClub Champion Eligible
Barlow, Joe (+2/-2)  No  
Beck, Kelly  No  
Bell, Bobby (+2/-2)  No  
Hamlin, Steve  No  
Hamlin, Robert  No  
Spangler, Dennis  No  
Dooley, Kevin  No  
Greenwood, Eric  No  
Thatcher, Paul  No  
Giles, Eric (+2/-2)  No  
Park, Steve  No  
Kowalski, Marty  No  
Kuhel, Ray   
Atkinson, Ryan +2/-2  No  
Beaufort, De'Andre  No  
Dubois, Ray  No  
Fick, Greg  No  
Ivanov, Ivan  No  
Klee, Bill  No  
Martz, Rob  No  
Moeller, Connor +2/-2  No  
Murphy, Lex   
Nugent, Cameron +2/-2  No  
Phillips, Adam +2/-2  No  
Sturgeon, Chad  No  
Thornton, Randy  No  
Vorona, Bob  No  
Watkins, Carlos (+2/-2)  No  
Bartake, Tejas (+2/-2)  No  
Brooks, Maguel  No  
Davidson, Bill  No  
Leschinsky, Michael  10  
Tarsa, Chris  No  
Thatcher, Joe  No  
Bastiaans, David Maybe Yes 
Burton, Ron Yes Yes 
Fortier, Rich Yes Yes 
Gowin, Terry Yes Yes 
Haney, Christopher Yes Yes 
Hood, Daniel Yes Yes 
Hillebrecht, Bill +2/-2 Yes 14 NO 
Howarth, Paul Yes 10 Yes 
Jones, Craig Yes Yes 
Knobloch, Kurt Yes Yes 
McManus, Ron Yes Yes 
McPherson, Sean  Yes 12 Yes 
Nagourney, Bruce Yes 10 Yes 
Phelan, Neil Yes Yes 
Russell, Jim Yes 10 Yes 
Shewbridge, Doug Yes Yes 
Haupt, Kelly Yes Yes 
Showing 51 items