About Us

The Virginia Beach Golf League's membership consists of retired professionals, business owners, servicemembers, and professionals in the Hampton Roads area.  The Virginia Beach Golf League caters to those busy individuals that enjoy the game of golf but have difficulty finding the time to play on a regular basis.  The primary purpose of the Virginia Beach Golf League is to bring busy individuals together to enjoy a little golf and comradery.  Members are always welcome to bring guests or suggest new members.

How the League Works

Beginning in 2024 there will be an annual membership fee of $5.00 per golfer.  For new golfers, the membership fee will be due after you play 3 nine hole rounds (New Golfer Trial Period).  There is no minimum commitment to participate in the outings.  The Virginia Beach Golf League begins (1st Friday in April) and ends the season (1st Friday in November) with an eighteen (18) hole golf outing.  A mid-season eighteen (18) hole outing is usually held on the 1st Friday of July.  The rest of the outings are nine (9) hole events.  The members get together the first, third and fifth Friday each month through the season to play nine (9) hole events beginning at 2:30 pm. 

An email invitation will go out to all the members announcing the event.  If a member can make it, they confirm their spot by entering their name on the tee-sheet for the outing and adding any guests to the tee sheet.  If they can't make it, the only thing they have lost is a good outing.  The members will continue receiving invitations until the member decides they do not want to participate any longer.  At each event the participants give $10.00 per nine-hole outing toward beverages and awards to the best two-person team and for those lucky enough to hit it closest to the pin on par 3s.  It is that simple. 

There is an annual club championship for the senior division and open division.  The annual club champtionship is played as part of the final 18 hole outing for the season.  To be club championship eligible you need to play at least 50% of the nine hole outings for the season.  An 18 hole outing counts as two 9 hole outings.  The final 18 hole outing is counted toward eligibility.  

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Virginia Beach Golf League, send an e-mail to the league at bastiaans@vbgolfleague.com or call direct 757-439-4082.

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